Indian Cricket That Can Drive Fans Crazy

In fact, it the charm of cricket which made it so popular all over the world; as a result popularity of cricket is increasing by leaps and bounces and tournaments like world cup and T-20 are getting incredible response. India is one of the most admired participant team in world cricket; Indian cricket has its own flavor in world cricket since legendry players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Sunil Gavaskar are there to make it more wonderful.

Indian cricket is the great combination of national and regional cricket teams. Each state in India has its own regional cricket team and all these teams participate in many tournaments like Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy. The best players from these regional cricket teams move forward and get opportunity to prove themselves at international level. Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the biggest cricket authority for India; it bear the responsibility of selection of national team and also undertake all other decisions regarding sponsorship and role determination of every player in national cricket team. Apart from BCCI, each state has its own cricket board that conducts and control state level teams and also prepares good players for future responsibilities. No doubt, that these state level cricket authorities play a vital role in deciding future of national team; in fact our team has now get many young and energetic players like Dhoni, Harbhajan Singh and Pathan with the effort of these state level authorities only.

Indian cricket team got approval as test team in 1932 that was a subject of great honor for every Indian; in the same year, the team played its first test cricket match against England at Lords and really proved their potential as a good test team. After that day Indian players never looked behind and went the on track of making and breaking records. In order to that, India won the cricket world cup in 1983 and T-20 world cup few months back this year. India got its first test victory against England at Madras in 1952; afterward the same year, the team won first Test series, which was against Pakistan. That was really an indescribable experience for entire nation and after their starting victories the team improved their game throughout the decade.

In 1971 the arrival of one day international cricket shaped a new dimension in the cricket world; initially India was not very much strong in ODIs, that caused consecutive loss of matches therefore, they did not manage to qualify for the second round in the first two cricket world cups. However, every Indian cricket fan knows that there is nothing that can stop the team from getting what it deserves; perhaps, it is their heartily wishes and support that made Indian team the world cup winner in 1983 and gave all Indians a reason to celebrate cricket.

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