Pregnancy and Nutrition

Nutrition and pregnancy are two different words that go hand in hand. As pregnancy differs from one woman to the other so as the diet intake is in the sense that one woman’s meet is another woman’s poison.

In definition, nutrition and pregnancy is the nutrient intake and dietary plan that you as a woman took before, during and after pregnancy as we all know that all dietary advice relating to pregnancy and nutrition is one of the major factors in determining the future well-being of the conceived child. Though some factors of diet or nutrient are noted to reduce childhood mortality due to helping the supply of nutrients to the mother.

The history have it that women who consume minimal amount of nutrient during pregnancy over the eight week period has a higher disorder rate concerning their offspring than women who ate regularly.  This is because the children that are born to a well fed mother are privileged to have little or no limitation while in the womb.

In pregnancy, ill-nutrition did not only have physical disorder linked to it before and after pregnancy, also handicap are a risk that is run by mothers who are mal-nourished or have little nutrition. This condition of ill-nutrition can also lead to the child becoming subject to low level of desirable physical, mental and more qualities desired in a human being.

Basic nutrients necessary to meet the demands of the developing fetus need to be included in any woman’s diet during pregnancy. Meanwhile general guidelines for healthy eating should be recommended in this case. And for any woman, who does not follow a healthy diet, pregnancy is a good time to do such and junk food should be avoided because it only helps such woman to add more weight.

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