Windows Administrator Password Recovery Tutorial

If you have lost your administrator for Windows and cannot login to your PC, the good news is that it is possible to change the password that you have. To do this, you can just use a simple program which basically logs into your hard drive and changes the stored password files which Windows uses to enforce your password.

There are programs available which are able to log onto your system and remove the stored password information inside your PC, allowing you to log into your system again. These programs are known as “boot loader” programs which basically work without Windows and load up before your system is able to boot (hence the term “boot loader”). This program will then look through all your Windows files and remove the password settings that are inside there, allowing you to log into your system again.

We are quite fortunate in that all versions of Windows appear to store their passwords in exactly the same way – meaning that you can use the most popular password reset program to regain access to any Windows system. To do this, you first need to download one of these tools from the Internet and then install it on your PC. download windows loader You can install these onto the computer that you’re using right now (they do not need to be installed onto the computer that you cannot access). After you’ve installed the program, you can then use it to create a “boot CD” with the new file on. This boot CD will contain the “boot loader” program that will change the Windows password.

Once you have a newly burnt CD, you should then put that into your computer which is inaccessible. You should boot from the CD and then let it change all the files and settings inside your system which contain the password files for Windows. It will automatically change the password settings for your PC and will then reset your system. Now when Windows boots, it won’t have any password on the user account and will allow you to log straight in.

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